Space Curated | Paradise Lost | 10 – 20 June 2021

Space Curated | Paradise Lost | 10 – 20 June 2021

SPACE Curated is proud to present it’s inaugural group exhibition, Paradise Lost, as part of Hermanus FynArts 2021, from 10–20 June.

Join us for the official opening on Saturday, 12 June at midday. We’d love to see you there, and to introduce you personally to this inspiring collection.

Paradise Lost finds the beauty in and amongst the chaos of our current circumstance. The last year has been a rollercoaster, and the works in this exhibition remind us that every ending offers the opportunity for fresh, beautiful beginnings.

Curated to focus on more than the current glut of macabre social commentary, this exhibition invites you to revel in the beauty of work produced by creatives during this period… and to leave space for hope, as they have done.

Come and join us for a glass of wine at the opening, or pop in during your time at FynArts, and feel enriched with the possibility that this chaos could mean we’re being invited — as a human collective — to create newer, positive realities.

Participating artists include Christiaan Diedericks, Isabelle Scheltjens, Nicola Roos, Sam Allerton, Schalk van der Merwe, Fadiel Hermans, Vanessa Berlein and Dr Willie Bester.

Opening times:

Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm

Saturday/Sunday, 10am–3pm