SPACE Curated opens its Doors

SPACE Curated opens its Doors

SPACE Curated opened on Thursday 17 December 2020.

This 3rd gallery space in the Rossouw Modern group, located next to SPACE Modern in Warrington Place, is dedicated to thought provoking curated exhibitions throughout the year. With invited artists complimenting the current Rossouw Modern stable, the exhibitions feature emerging and established artists from Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

SPACE Curated has a responsibility to leave a lasting legacy, one which inspires others, one which uplifts and influences for many years to come. It was created to be a paradigm of inspiration, to unleash unlimited creativity with unrestrained possibility. Potential abounds in everyone and SPACE Curated’s desire is to awaken this, create a lasting impact and initiate this journey forwards.

Like a ripple in a pond, slowly growing in momentum and power, there is an embedded drive at SPACE Curated to create a lasting impact on many lives. Not only on the art patrons and artists but for every individual touched by the magic of Hermanus. That impact has the potential to create a growing consciousness throughout the world. A desire to protect our creativity, to uplift and build communities and share our amazing spaces.

Open from 9am – 5 pm week days, 10am – 3pm Saturdays and Sundays we look forward to welcome you.