StJohn Fuller & Michael Meyersfeld – Taking the Time

StJohn Fuller & Michael Meyersfeld – Taking the Time


Taking the Time

Comprising works from photographers StJohn Fuller and Michael Meyersfeld, the Taking the Time Exhibition is a departure from the standard portraiture and object photography. While the subject matter of the two sets of works is very different, there is commonality in approach.

The artists look at spaces and people in a way that allows them, if we let them, to speak to us. They reveal something to us of ourselves or impart knowledge that is of great importance. Unfortunately, life being what it is, we do not allow ourselves the time to look or listen. In doing so we often justify our indifference or (in)actions with the most ill thought out arguments.

At this time in our collective history in South Africa we find ourselves on a path filled with so much noise that we have arrived at a point where we are unable understand that each and every object, person, action is integral to our being – and we are rendered unable to act. We stop looking and listening.

It may seem to be contradictory to say a space or a voice continues to exist regardless of our inattention, but yet it does so, and without our knowing it, the existence of that entity does continue to be a part of and influences our lives. The artists therefore ask the viewer to stop, to really take the time to notice, to adopt an alternative way of looking, of listening and to understand.


“Oracles” by StJohn Fuller 

A collection of activists, of important South African voices; every day citizens who have chosen to take action. There are many important South African voices. This collection looks at those who have filtered through the noise, have identified a lack and chosen either in a big or a small way to take a chance, to look beyond his/herself.

The artist says: “A voice may call for a change. We may not hear that voice, yet ultimately the voice will bring about, even for a short time, an awareness that might cause a change somewhere. People may become more emboldened, braver, less concerned about what the impacts to their own lives will be in challenging the status quo. Yet without, stopping, looking, listening and ultimately taking the time to examine and reflect we may miss that chance to influence the change. We remain caught within the current, unable to change its course.”


Accessing the Encoded by Michael Meyersfeld

A collection of images past and present. At the time of taking, there existed a very clear understanding that these moments were important for the artist. While at the initial stages, the artist says he found it difficult to verbalize his intentions, but that time and understanding brought clarity.

The images are intentionally abstract, allowing a constant shift between cerebral, optical, and imaginative.

The artist reminds us of the Tate Gallery’s description of Abstract Art as that which does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

These images may be best described by Benjamin DeCasseres[i]:

 … there are aesthetic emotions for which there are no corresponding thoughts, emotions that awaken the Unconscious alone and that never touch the brain; emotions vague, indefinable, confused; emotions that make whirlwinds and deep-sea hurricanes.   “The Unconscious in Art”

[i] Benjamin DeCasseres (b.03.04.1873 d. 6.12.1945) was an American journalist, critic, essayist and poet. Described as “A Titan in an inkstand” by E. Saltus.


Rossouw Modern SPACE

8 Warrington Place, 8 Harbour Road, Hermanus


Opening: Friday 4 May 2018 at 5.30pm

Artist Walkabout: Saturday 5 May 2018 – between 11.30am and 3.00pm

Exhibition runs until 21 May 2018


Please RSVP by sending a email to [email protected] or calling +27 (0) 28 313 2222