soundWORKS – Corné Eksteen – 10 June 2023

soundWORKS – Corné Eksteen – 10 June 2023


Corné Eksteen

SPACE Curated

Opening Saturday 10 June 2023 at 3pm

Walkabout Sunday 11 June 2023 at 12.30pm

On Until 30 June 2023

Contemporary life is proliferated with audiovisual media. This amalgamation of sounds and images, are relatively new in the overall history of human expression and serves as signifier of our technological advances and continual transition into a digitized world over the last century. Our consumption of audiovisual and multimedia material has become everyday experiences and now represent tools that we consider to be essential in business, cultural expression and entertainment. It is within this context that conceptual painter Corné Eksteen explores the incorporation of sound into painting.

Eksteen removes the linear time-based characteristic of sound in his visualization approach and creates figurative audiovisual compositions or soundscapes, by focusing on the vibrational nature of sound. This vibrational attribute of both sound and light, often represented graphically as sinusoidal waves constitutes the foundation from which he interprets his subject matter. The subject is thus celebrated for both its physical form and its incorporated audio properties.

Completed works are scanned into an AI platform which interprets the waveforms, colours and hues within the work into an audio file. Each work is exhibited with a QR code from which the AI interpreted soundtrack to each work can be accessed.

soundWORKS is a re-assessment of traditional visual representations of the physical world, utilizing several artistic traditions such as portraiture and still life to acknowledge and celebrate our multisensory experience of the world.

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