Out of Pain | Jenny Jackson Solo | 2-8 February 2024

Out of Pain | Jenny Jackson Solo | 2-8 February 2024

Jenny Jackson and Obert Jongwe do it again!

Out of Pain/Africa

Rossouw Modern

Opening Friday 2 February 2024 at 18H00

On until  8 February 2024

This collection by well-known Hermanus artist, Jenny Jackson, was born of physical and mental pain experienced during a trip abroad in 2023.
After months of suffering and with limited energies but a burning desire to continue painting, Jenny explored a new way to express her love of portraying the familiar.
Using a variety of visual elements to express both the pain and joy of being alive, this 88-year-old artist celebrates her own life in vibrant colour.
A sense of wonder permeates the work, while displaying the deeply personal vision of an artist fearlessly embracing her final years.
And it is this life-giving energy that Jenny shares with us today.
Curator, Jozua Rossouw, discusses the work:
In stark contrast to the embedded surroundings, an oversized black cat instantly draws the viewer into an enigmatic journey on the canvas.
Splatter covers each image like a colorful, enchanted veil that is in celebration of being alive, despite pain.
Each painting is a vivid display of movement and one realizes when looking at her work that, at 88, Jenny approaches her canvas with a deep knowledge of life and its timeline, leaving the viewer overwhelmed with her honesty and exuberance — a quality equally well captured by Green Renaissance in their 5 documentaries about her life and work.
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