Nicole Pletts – Rossouw Modern SPACE – 2 – 12 December 2016

Nicole Pletts – Rossouw Modern SPACE – 2 – 12 December 2016



Solo exhibition

2 December until 12 December 2016

It’s personal

Stolen moments of an ordinary life…

The millennial generation were told that they could be anything and anyone they wanted to be… Famous, rich, high achieving, functioning, happy adults

The world was their oyster…

They were not extolled the joys and values of a life worth living. An ordinary life… One of love, integrity, family, friendships and loyalty.

Simple pleasures…

There is value in the average, in the normal and in the ordinary…

And you don’t have to be happy every day to be happy…

These images are of nothing and everything…   Family, friends and loved ones – and moments of an ordinary life…

About the artist:

 As a middle class white female, I was brought up with the “Woman stayed at home and men worked” mentality.  Hence most of my artwork is primarily male dominated starting with a “men at work” theme a few years ago which threads a continuous pattern through my work today. My subdued tonal paintings seem to play havoc with people’s perception of me as a person.  They see me as bright and bubbly – and find the work I produce out of character.  People seem to enjoy putting a label on artwork or on the artist.  I don’t spend time analyzing or questioning why I paint what I do, or why I use muted colours (especially brown as it is my singularly most disliked colour in the every respect – and yet it is the colour I use most). I am acutely aware of images around me and constantly keep a camera on hand in order  not to miss any opportunities.



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