Ibethiwe Aphuke / beaten, not broken – 25 March 2023 @12pm

Ibethiwe Aphuke / beaten, not broken – 25 March 2023 @12pm

Group Exhibition

Ibethiwe Aphuke / beaten, not broken

SPACE Modern

25 March – 2 April 2023

Opening Saturday 25 March at 12 pm

Please RSVP at info@rossouwnmodern.com

Ibethiwe Aphuke is a group show, spotlighting a range of work inclusive of all cultures, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and placing gender-based violence (GBV) under an unflinching gaze. Invited visual and performing artists — both famous and unknown — will, through their subject matter, bring awareness to the effects of GBV, and spark discussions on possible solutions and finding collective ways forward. The ideal? To envision, contribute to and move towards, a Hermanus, South Africa, and Earth, that is free of GBV.

This show will form the backdrop for the performance work by Elzabé Zietsman Femme is Fatale on 24 March at 8pm.

We’ll be raising funds through exhibition sales. These funds will be donated to local organisations that work to prevent GBV in their communities.

We believe that art plays a pivotal role in sparking conversations — and actions — that change the world. Gender-based violence is so pervasive as to be considered endemic — a constant presence to be lived with, however uncomfortably.

We want to change this narrative, and empower participants and viewers: to imagine a world free of GBV; to acknowledge it, take heart and take action against it. Working together, we can envision, and work towards, a new reality — no contribution too small.

Featured Image: Diane Victor | Shattered Woman + Minor Damage | Charcoal | 70 x 110 cm