Heredity – Claude & Pascale Chandler – 1-11 April 2022

Heredity – Claude & Pascale Chandler – 1-11 April 2022

Heredity, the sum of all biological processes by which particular characteristics are transmitted from parents to their offspring. … The set of genes that an offspring inherits from both parents, a combination of the genetic material of each, is called the organism’s genotype. 

– Arthur Robinson –

‘Heredity’ is the third joint [mother and son] exhibition by artists Pascale and Claude Chandler.

Pascale and Claude are in a fortunate position to not only have a maternal connection but also a creative and professional one.

Claude Chandler’s passion for portraiture was cemented when, in 2005, he began a project of painting his teachers at Glenwood High School. It was around this time he went under an apprenticeship with his mother. She being an accomplished artist and skilled teacher bestowed invaluable knowledge and skills onto him. This training would set Claude up with the artistic foundation needed to pursue a creative career with confidence.

After graduating from the Durban University of Technology, Dip FA, Claude left Durban to pursue his fine art career in Cape Town. The geographic distance between mother and son was vast but their shared passion for art keeps them connected. Online crit sessions and studio mentoring, continues to shape both artists. A symbiotic exchange of support and vision. Both artists now provide each other a platform of mutual influence and respect.

Claude Chandler is a full-time artist based in Cape Town. He is also the managing director of SideTrack Studios, a creative collective of visual artists.

‘My process of art making is to modernize the traditional portrait and landscape by mechanically  etching it into text. The digitized rendition transforms and re-invents the subject. When constructing the portrait or landscape, the conventional process of paintbrush to canvas is eliminated. I make a stamp by using foam letter cut outs. I assemble a name or code which has a connection with my subject. I continuously stamp and layer the print, working almost ‘blind’ but mindful of structure and tonal values. The image finally emerges, transformed in a coded and industrialized web of paint.’

Pascale Chandler, a leading Durban painter, established an independent painting studio offering tuition in 1986. Pascale is regarded as an exceptional teacher, with a keen interest in exploring a wide range of mark-making, never afraid to experiment with a process that might result in unlocking the magic of the paint.

Pascale’s work is created in conversation with her environment and her tactile sense of observation. Her paintings are layered with a complex attention to surface, environmental and spatial dimensions – the horse playing a central role in her paintings – as she explores both the mythical and historical iconography of this subject. She has had six solo shows in South Africa.

This body of horses is loosely based on the equestrian Olympics held  in Beijing last year. The idea of juxtaposing an equine lineage of antiquity and the current. A playful, generational fusion of style and content.

Venue: SPACE Curated

Opening: Friday 1 April 2022 – Until 11 April

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Pascale Chandler

Dressage I

Oil on Canvas

110 x 150 cm


Claude Chandler


Oil on Canvas

150 x 100 cm