Floris van Zyl – PERSONA – 7 till 30th August ’15

Floris van Zyl – PERSONA – 7 till 30th August ’15

You are cordially invited to Floris van Zyl’s exhibition called PERSONA.

Please join us on the 7th of August for this spectacular event. Exhibition will run till 30th of August 2015.


When you can be all of it and be yourself I think you’ve got it made. My aim is to portray the human experience, and how it shapes us as beings.
The exhibition for me is an exploration of what is and what can be, what people are and how we perceive ourselves, also more than that is our ability to grow and move through the stages of life. In essence we are already, but the outside changes, we are shaped influenced by life and experiences. Same in the way I create my artwork. Even though sometimes I capture a likeness the artwork leads me through to it’s own unique sometimes completely unplanned finalisation. In the quiet of the work I have to listen to it. I have to hear where it wants to go. What it wants to say in colour or stroke.

Exploring various personas is an ongoing fascination of mine. What it is that inspires people, who they are at their core. The challenge being to express that emotion through an artwork, the emotional climate of the individual, or a situation. To show that in colour and shape, texture and composition.
That is what art is about for me. I have been inspired by certain individuals, and their unique expressions and what they bring to this world. Some of these characters only exist in my perception. They are not always famous or even listed somewhere. By just being anyone can inspire. In my body of work I explore these identities, individual personas. Who we are, who we think we are and what we could be.

Ultimately we recognise in others only of ourselves. If we don’t know it we do not understand or recognise it. The unknown intrigues me, it pulls me in and brings me to create.

So with persona, my wish is to intrigue, inspire and most of all give of myself.

Floris van Zyl