Arend Louw – Solo Exhibition 2022

Arend Louw – Solo Exhibition 2022

Arend Louw lives an idyllic artist life on his west coast farm Bo-Huis, close to Aurora. At 39 he is finally considered an established landscape artist having started his artistic career 10 years ago.

Arend takes inspiration from the quiet and solace from the serenity provided by the area – a detail that is evident in the focus he exercises over his art. Each work is motivated by Arend’s surroundings and his use of photography is in direct symbiosis with the paintings he creates, thus capturing the finer nuances of small town life. He also loves to captures scenes and buildings that he knows will change or dilapidate over time, thus creating a specific visual record of this period in which he creates.

Arendsvlug is a collection of recent works focusing on his surrounding area. Arensdvlug, an Afrikaans work meaning Eagle’s Flight, grasps the abundance of landscapes and buildings within his domicile. Most of the works are reflective of the “golden hour”, the time frame just before the sun sets, and has become a trademark hour of the artist himself.

Join us at SPACE Modern on Friday 4 March 2022 at 6pm for the opening of his second solo exhibition under the Rossouw Modern umbrella.

Official opening by horticulturist Keith Kirsten.

Pre-sales catalogue available from 22 February, register at [email protected] with the heading Arend Louw Solo.

Exhibition is on until 14 March 2022