The re-enchantment of beauty II (Silent forests)

Medium: Archival pigment ink/Giclee print on 350gsm Hahnemühle etching paper

Dimensions: 160 x 110 cm

Ed. 1/1 UNIQUE work


Conceptually, Silent forests  is celebrating and revering women by exposing certain persisting ideas about women as enforced by a persisting system of patriarchy in the world. Although things started changing somewhat in the 1970s, driven by the first wave of Feminism, women are to this day fighting for complete equality. This fight includes equal salaries in their places of work and in other fields such as art and sport. The winding key on the back of the woman in my work is deliberately ironic and refers to the idea that women are still mere “wind-up dolls” without a thinking mind, incapable of being strong, independent, and viewed as equal to men in all regards, as referred to above. The secret world or “Silent forests” on her head is hence a sly comment about the fact that women are not only equally intelligent, skilled, and strong, but intellectually and emotionally often much stronger than men. The bronze leaf Polka dots were applied by hand on the printed image.

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