Artist Application

Dear Artist,

Thank you for considering Rossouw Modern for your work.

Please note the following before applying:

  1. Please first familiarise yourself with all the artists on my website and ensure that your work will complement the current stable of art represented before applying.
  2. You must be a professional artist that spends your majority of your time creating and marketing your art.
  3. All work must be original and not copies of another artist/sculptor.
  4. We will consider all disciplines and mediums.
  5. You must be resident in South Africa or have a legal work permit
  6. You must have adequate computer skills to administrate this paperless application submission.

To apply send at least 10 images of recent works (not older than 2 years) to [email protected]. Images must be no more than 650kb per image. Email must also include an image of the artist, a CV, a style statement and current contact information.

The gallery will respond to all application by email within 7 working days. No further correspondence will be engaged in should the application not be successful.

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