Vortex is a collaboration between Christiaan Diedericks and Shui-Lyn White, two South African artists with differing artistic intentions, practices and backgrounds yet bound by a deep friendship and a belief in art as a means of service and transformation.

Vortex began in conversations during the pandemic and lockdowns of 2020-21 as both artists mused on a way forward in the aftermath of Covid-19, in the face of climate change and environmental degradation, and in the societal overhaul necessary for the wellbeing of humanity. What they both felt to be crucial for humankind was collaboration. And so, Vortex was born.


Surrender into the silence, collapse into the vortex.

Surrender the outer world and become present to the inner world.

Surrender into possibility, into the potential of this moment:

the limitlessness of the pure potential that exists within, and that exists out

there in the vastness of the beyond.

Surrender to the beauty, the power, the potential of this moment:

step into the vortex.

      -Shui-Lyn White-


Opening Saturday 19 November 2022 @ 11am

SPACE Curated – Hermanus

On Until 4 December 2022

Full catalogue available, contact [email protected]