Vanessa Berlein


South African artist, Vanessa Berlein has worked as an artist for 30 years. Primarily a painter, throughout her career she has explored and worked in many mediums, including, photography, various print mediums and sculpture.

Her work has been and continues to be exhibited in South Africa and abroad.
Born in 1968 and raised on a farm in Mpumalanga, she became interested in
making art at a young age. Her mother a pianist, and her father a geologist and farmer, she grew up in a home filled with music, art, and books, and an eccentric mix of house guests who would arrive with tales of wonder and stories that fuelled the youngsters imagination, and instilled a desire for travel and adventure.

In her abstract works, Berlein works with a cross section of mediums, including metal leafing, thread and stitching and industrial product alongside fine art materials.
Her abstract paintings are greatly influenced and informed by time spent as a
young child on a goldmine that her father owned in the Pilgrimsrest area. Berlein spent much time with her father exploring the old underground mine workings and learning about the formation of the reef in the

Berlein presently works from a studio in Woodstock, Capetown.

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