Paul du Toit


Paul du Toit (1965 – 2014) was a contemporary artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, who at times maintained a studio in New York. His output included painting, sculpture, works on paper and mixed media. He was self-taught and became known for a style of painting that favoured black outlines and thick strokes in vibrant, primary colours. Before becoming an artist in the 1990s he was a computer programmer who applied his knowledge to build a website that gave his work a global reach long before he was nationally known.

Du Toit was much more than just an artist; he was an explorer, an adventurer, and an experimenter. He was also a collector who loved books and music. He was able to transfer the energy of the punk music that so inspired him into his passion for making art. The ethos of punk  was the light that illuminated Du Toit’s path. It made him who he was: independent, non-conformist and someone who did things his way.

Paul created PlanetPaul, a phantasmic space way beyond our milky way, which he populated with colourful, playful and energetic comic strip-like shapes and figures.

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