Patrick Mautloa


Atist Bio

From the Bag Factory (Fordsburg Art Studios), his artistic home base in downtown Johannesburg, which he helped to set up in 1992, Mautloa observes and draws inspiration for bold, vivacious canvases and assemblies composed of objets trouvés from the vibrant street life around him. People are at the centre of his work, shown in shadowy, rather mask-like outlines as surfaces for projection of their social environment, with multiple layers of paint, textiles, etc. evoking hidden complexities and giving the spectator space to explore the underlying imagery. Integrated random objects, urban debris or construction works elements reveal our society as a work in progress and are at the same time mementoes of the personal histories that people carry with them. All the more important that the observer/spectator keeps an open mind for unexpected and enlightening encounters.

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