Out of Pain - Jenny Jackson



In this iconic show off, Jenny Jackson and Obert Jongwe once again come together. With both their solo shows opening the same night at Rossouw Modern, their art connection is undeniable.

Born of physical and mental pain experienced during 2023, this collection defiantly celebrates life in vibrant colour.

A sense of wonder permeates each work, while displaying the deeply personal vision of an artist fearlessly embracing her final years.
Curator, Jozua Rossouw, elaborates: “Each painting is a vivid display of movement and when looking at her work we realise that, at 88, Jenny approaches her canvas with a deep knowledge of life and its timeline, leaving the viewer overwhelmed with her honesty and exuberance.

Opening Friday 2 February 2024 at Rosssouw Modern

On until 8 February 2024

RSVP advised at [email protected]