Nicole Pletts


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As a middle class white female, I was brought up with the “Woman stayed at home and men worked” mentality. Hence most of my artwork is primarily male dominated starting with a “men at work” theme a few years ago which threads a continuous pattern through my work today. My subdued tonal paintings seem to play havoc with people’s perception of me as a person. They see me as bright and bubbly – and find the work I produce out of character. People seem to enjoy putting a label on artwork or on the artist. I don’t spend time analysing or questioning why I paint what I do, or why I use muted colours (especially brown as it is my singularly most disliked colour in the every respect – and yet it is the colour I use most). I am acutely aware of images around me and constantly keep a camera on hand in order not to miss any opportunities.

Passage : Exhibition with Corne Eksteen at Rossouw Modern SPACE – 4-22 October 2019

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