Mninawa Qabo Louw


Mninawa Qabo Louw is a 21 year old artist that, through pure necessity to survive, started producing art works with wool and hessian cloth, the only creative items available to him at that desperate time. His raw natural talent was soon spotted by the vibrant art community in Hermanus, and now represented by Rossouw Modern he is encouraged and supported under the umbrella of development of emerging artists.

His often sombre works depict life in Zwelihle though the eyes of a disillusioned youth in a post apartheid South Africa. His use of specific colours not only reflects the emotional bonds between the subjects and objects on the tapestries, but also reflects his personal bond with his subjects.

Mninawa realizes there is still a long road ahead and approaches the future with dedication and hard work, delivering works with relevant content, historically capturing his life in an unusual medium, tapestry.

Still very affordable, the acquisition of this young talent should be a priority.