Maureen Visagé


Maureen Visagé is a South African artist, based in Cape Town.

Her sculptures, in ceramic and bronze, are reminiscent of European porcelain figurines, but with a hand built quality and a quirky twist. Finding inspiration in fairy-tales, various religious and mythical themes, and adding African elements she creates work that is fun, strongly feminine and honours both her European and African roots.

Born in Pretoria, Maureen attended the Pretoria Art, Music and Ballet School (Pro Arte), with puppetry and painting as chosen subjects. Upon graduating in 1990, she moved to Cape Town to study actuarial science.

After qualifying as an actuary in 1998, and working in London, she returned to Cape Town in 2000.
Needing a creative outlet she joined a ceramic studio where she fell in love with clay. From 2011 creating art became her full time focus.

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