Mark Chapman


Mark was born in Kimberly and grew up in the small towns of Stilfontein and Klerksdorp.

After completing his compulsory 2 year army training he worked on the gold mines as a production foreman. This was followed by a number of years in the training industry before he was able to follow his passion and work in the art world

From Mark:

I am not formally trained, but my love for art has always been there. I loved drawing as a child and went on to study graphic design, but found it was not for me.

It was during my period at the training institute that a friend gave me a bag of clay to ‘’play’’ with. Whilst taking basic pottery lessons, someone saw my work and put me onto a gallerist, who asked me to exhibit in a group exhibition. The rest as they say is history.

My work is generally fun and whimsical. I guess it is a combination of cartoon and pop art. Putting a smile on someone’s face when they see my work is very satisfying. I don’t worry about proportions too much, as they can in themselves create something interesting. My figurative work literally grows organically from the feet upwards.

I start with an idea, move on to make the feet/boots, legs, torso, arms and head. I then assemble and add details. Viola!

My newer work does come with a more serious message however. Especially now that we have become more aware of our impact on our planet and just how fragile a species we actually are. Pollution, global warming and this pandemic have put the spotlight on us.