Jimmy Law


Artist Statement:

My painting style and technique is self-taught.

As an artist with a graphic design background, I had a tendency to work in a very controlled and precise style. I was very accomplished as a realistic painter, technically my work was great, but my work was stagnant it lacked energy.

In December 2010 I decided to approach my painting style differently.
I changed the way I approached my painting and started by eliminating the use of small brushes. Some of my brushes now range between 6cm and 15cm in width. I forced myself to refrain from performing perfectly controlled detailing strokes and instead focused on performing bold, strong strokes using only larger brushes. I often load my brushes with paint so that it would run when I apply enough pressure onto the canvas. I also force myself to simplify and lessen the number of strokes as to not get caught up in trying to create every little detail. My aim is to give the viewer just enough information and let the viewer fill in the detail. I aim to create energy and life in my work. Many of my first pieces done in the new, expressive style were done in a fairly neutral palette with subtle use of colour. Recently I have started using a lot more colour in my work.

I have a tendency to work on a rather large format. My canvasses often range between 1.5 meter to 2 meters and larger.

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