Gerard Cloete


My work has always been a recreation, a representation, of characters, and a manipulation of signs in a personal aesthetic sense. I have always related to the world and expressed myself through the act of painting. I review and reappraise my personal perspectives of contemporary issues of Cape Town, the city in which I live. It comes at a time when the city itself is going through a restructuring of its symbols, reimagining its past, and rebuilding its present.

In my rendering of what is affectionately known as the Mother City, I express my responses to its modern ills of social and political turmoil: an exploding population, under- and over-development, lack of housing, decaying infrastructure, mass tourism, technological disparities, transport chaos, the water shortage, mismanagement, greed, corruption and violence. In the works, these ills are juxtaposed with my reflection upon its diversity, its people, and its unique aesthetic.

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