Christiaan Diedericks - Re-Enchantment of Beauty


Solo Exhibition

Christiaan Diedericks

The Re-enchantment of Beauty

SPACE Curated

Opening Saturday 28 October 2023 @ 12pm

Until 6 November 2023

Walkabout Saturday 4 November 2023 @ 12pm

Drinks and Canapés will be served

RSVP for opening and walkabout advised: [email protected]

Sold works can only be collected/distributed after 6 November

The term “re-enchantment” describes a re-awakening to the depth of soul that embraces us and the world. To reawaken awareness of enchantment in all of life, we must return to our Beginner’s Mind, to our Original Mind. The theoretical divide between subject and object is a modern cultural construct useful for scientific investigation. It strives to separate the “internal” thinking ego-consciousness from the “external” physical world and applies mathematical, logical methods to analysing the world. To call something beautiful is not the same as calling it an important work of art. As a philosopher might say, beauty is not a necessary condition of the art object. And yet, it is often the beauty we perceive in works of art from the past or from another culture that makes them so compelling.

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