Arend Louw


Artist Bio

Arend was born and raised in Bellville, Cape Town.

After completing a degree in Theology and embarking on different opportunities for a few years I recently moved to our family farm in the Sandveld (close to Aurora).

The quietness and serenity of the West Coast inspires me and gives me ample time to focus on my art. Every painting I create is from photographs that I take myself.

The themes of my paintings are personal and yet very universal. They are scenes of everyday life.

I am inspired by the effect that natural light has on a scene; a basic landscape or stillife can be transformed by the highlights and shadows in it. I work in oils as it is lenient to mistakes and demand contemplation. They are slow to dry and quick to forgive.

All my paintings are created with intent. Not just to please the viewer but to convey an emotion that that specific moment has stirred in me.

This young artist is an excellent investment opportunity