Arabella Caccia


Artist Bio

Caccia was born in London and grew up in Tuscany before moving to Johannesburg where she spent her teenage years. She attended Edinburgh University after which she lived and studied in Florence, London and New York. She returned to South Africa in 1990 and now lives and works in Cape Town.

She currently works on paintings and sculptures using an alphabet of glyphs derived from an investigation into forms found in nature, using an alphabet of both 2 and 3-dimensional mark making to express a state of being without words.
It is inspired by an exploration of patterns found in the play of light and dark on natural forms. Her paintings and sculptures use an abstract language of semi-symbolic glyphs discovered in these patterns. The primary principal underpinning her work though is the belief in the importance of process.

“My works are visual metaphors, dust particles
in the milky way of existence.”

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