Alex Marmarellis


Artist Bio

Alex Marmarellis was born in Cape Town in 1976. He studied Graphic Design, fine art and sculpture at The National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and graphic design and art direction at AAA School of advertising in Cape Town.
Being a creative has lead Alex to many different professions over the past 22 years. These range from Graphic design, kitchen design &manufacturing, carpentry, decking, furniture design, GM of Aston Martin Cape Town, clothing and marketing director of a baby care company. He finally returned to his natural talent, art.

Alex started painting again in 2010 and over that time has been trying out various techniques and mediums, from pop art to portraits and landscapes.
Alex loves photography, thus most of his works he produce are from his own reference material. He always carries his camera with him to make sure he gets the next inspirational photo for the next art piece. Most of his landscape pieces are of places he loves and visits on a regular basis.
Alex currently works in acrylic on canvas with most of his works realistic impressions of his environment and people in his life.

He currently resides in Cape Town, is married, and has two beautiful daughters.

This artist is at the beginning of his professional career and his works offer great investment potential.