Albert Coertse


Artist Bio

Albert Coertse is based in Onrus, a small town on the Southern Cape Coast a mere hour’s drive from Cape Town. He specialises in oils on CNC routed Valchromat or Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) as preferred medium.

He has done commissioned portraiture, figurative work and landscapes, but over recent years, abstract forms composed his pictorial language.

Albert J. Coertse was educated in communication design at the Open Window Art Academy, Pretoria and also studied interactive design at Malmö Högskola, Sweden. He obtained a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

“I just see myself as an artist. I don’t set out to be overtly conceptual, although everything I paint or draw or sculpt comes from a considered place, however instinctive or impulsive its genesis may be. I work through ideas and concepts that are realised in images. I am not overly concerned that a ‘meaning’ should be imparted, but rather how successfully I can make an image grow, mutate and permeate to ultimately communicate with the viewer on a visual level.”

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